The perfect companion for lovers of cold beer

The all-in-one thermal beer mug with push on lid and built in bottle opener that makes it ideal for any outdoor beer drinking occasion such as camping, fishing, garden parties, and pizza / BBQ gatherings. No glass also makes it a great hot tub partner, or just the perfect gift for the cool beer lover in your life.

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  • Howard W

    "I received my Hop Hero as a Christmas gift, and I'm really impressed with the quality of the product. This will certainly be useful when we go camping in the spring!"

  • Paul B

    "I didn't think this could keep my beer cool for such a long time, but it really does really work. And the bonus is that I use it for my morning coffee, So I get a double bubble!"

  • John J

    "I found having an ice cold beer in my hot tub very difficult because the hot tub would warm the beer up very quickly. Not anymore, my hop hero does the trick nicely!

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