What is a Hop Hero beer cooler?

Whether at home, at a party, or outdoors, the Hop Hero gives consistently cold beer that stays cold down to the last sip.

Tests have proven that the hop Hero cooler will keep the same temperature for up to 4-hours...not that the contents will last that long of course!

The Hop Hero is a quality manufactured double-walled stainless steel cup with a push-fit lid and built in bottle opener which is ideal for keeping cold beer...cold!

The Hop Hero is:

  • A conical shaped (like a beer glass) vacuum insulated beer cooler
  • 500ml capacity for standard sized bottled beer
  • Made from superior 203 stainless steel
  • Double-skinned to provide at least 4-hours of insulation for cold drinks
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • BPA Free

Ideal for:

  • A gift for a loved one or any cold beverage lover
  • At home or in the garden
  • A great non-breakable mug for the Hot Tub
  • When you're at a party
  • When you're outdoors on an outing or camping
  • Pack it for your fishing trip
  • Chuck it in your rucksack or in your car - and use it anywhere!

How does the Hop Hero perform?

  • Cold drinks: 4-hours at the same temperature as when first poured
  • Iced drinks: 15-hours
  • Hot drinks: 45 mins (for your morning coffee!)

Is it good value?

  • It's great value - we often have special offers!
  • The build quality is second to none so feel confident in buying one
  • 12-month guarantee and 14-day money back warranty gives you even greater comfort in a great product

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